Michigans Favorite Jelly Beans

Easter is on the way and no doubt, that means jelly beans!! Luckily for us America loves their jelly beans, and that means that candy fanatics like Candystore.com had plenty of opinions when it came time to take polls on just which jelly bean flavors America likes most. Wondering about the mitten states favorite flavors? … Continue reading Michigans Favorite Jelly Beans


Virtual Reality

"I can see it! Its happening, I'm looking at the sky! Wow how neat, Im actually watching the sun!" says a fellow student as she witnesses this years infamous solar eclipse in all of its realness from the seat of her desk. This exuberant reaction is all too common in those who venture out into … Continue reading Virtual Reality

Driver Responsible for Killing Two Found to Be Sober

The driver of a pickup truck traveled the wrong way down the highway an entire mile before crashing into another vehicle, killing both the driver and the passenger. According to the Metro South Post Police the driver of the pickup's blood test came back negative for any traces of either alcohol or drugs. Metro South … Continue reading Driver Responsible for Killing Two Found to Be Sober