Analytics In The Newsroom


Newsrooms. Fast paced, to the point, and always evolving. In todays day in age news rooms are  under more pressure than ever.  Media and news is available in hundreds to millions of different places and competition for viewership has never been more steep.

Here are just a few ways that Americas leading news organizations are using advanced analytic techniques to enhance the performance of their news providing outlets.


  • Using Editorial Analytics over generic analytic tools. 

By enabling the use of further advanced audience analyzing tools instead of just generic tools available to most anyone willing to pay, news organizations are able to more completely target the specific interests of audiences and what they are more likely to click into. Hence the term “click bate”.


  • Analytics for updating headlines. 

In using audience analyzing tools to gauge user response, news rooms are now monitoring engagement on certain stores and adjusting their headlines accordingly.

  • Using analytics from other news sites. 

Media news outlets and other news websites are now able to see analytics on other news mediums articles and then more precisely post what will be most popular with readers.


  • The target of smaller niches.

With all the audience tracking and content analyzing tools available, news organizations can now use their analytic findings to target smaller reading niches. Catering content to certain audiences enables the conservation of newsroom resources and receives better audience engagement.

  • More closely cater to audience news needs.

News organizations can now utilize the analyzation of their audience metrics to improve the flow of news in certain areas of the web, and more accurately provide certain geographical audiences with news that is more current and catered to its readership.

Business On The Go

News rooms around the world now occupy a certain percentage of analytics tool users, making them an analytic tool themselves. The possibilities to rack audience engagement and readership are now more than ever.



Driver Responsible for Killing Two Found to Be Sober

The driver of a pickup truck traveled the wrong way down the highway an entire mile before crashing into another vehicle, killing both the driver and the passenger.

According to the Metro South Post Police the driver of the pickup’s blood test came back negative for any traces of either alcohol or drugs.

Metro South Post troopers responded to the two car incident at Cherry Hill and found that the victims vehicle was traveling with traffic in the left lane of North bound I-75 on December 12, 2017 when it was struck head on by a pickup that had crossed the middle median and proceeded a mile in the wrong direction before colliding with another car.

The investigation is now closed and in the hands of the Wayne County Prosecutor awaiting further review. Names of the two victims and the name of pickup driver responsible have yet to be released.