Michigans Favorite Jelly Beans


Easter is on the way and no doubt, that means jelly beans!!

Luckily for us America loves their jelly beans, and that means that candy fanatics like Candystore.com had plenty of opinions when it came time to take polls on just which jelly bean flavors America likes most.

Wondering about the mitten states favorite flavors? We were too.

 Michiganders have their love of pasties and their Vernors soda but what jelly bean flavors are the mitten state favorites!? You might be surprised!



# 1 – Buttered Popcorn 

Oh yes Michigan loves its movie snack. You either love it, or you hate it. But this year more Americans have taken a liking to the savory unorthodox flavor, replacing black licorice, making buttered popcorn the number one jelly bean in the country.


# 2 – Black Licorice

It may have taken the back seat to the buttered popcorn flavored bean, but Michigan still keeps this classic flavor in the running as its second favorite flavor.


# 3 – Green Apple

Surprisingly enough this sour candy flavor strikes a fancy with Michigan residents. Yet nationally none of the top three flavors were fruit flavors, and only 12 of the top 21. Way to keep it healthy Michigan!



The jelly been studies were a compilation of ten years of research and tens of thousands of opinions from jelly bean consumers. Among the most surprising of the top ranking jelly bean candies were flavors such as toasted marshmallow coming in at #9, and maple flavor at #26. As for Michigan… we will stick with what we know best.




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